The business of ESPRAS is conducted by an Executive Committee (ExCo), a Council of Delegates, and the General Assembly.

  • The ExCo shall consist of ten voting members chosen from the five main geographical regions (Northern, Western, South-western, Central and Eastern, and South-eastern and the organizer  of the next ESPRAS Congress. (see affiliated Statues of ESPRAS)
  • The Council of Delegates shall be the main decision-making body of ESPRAS, composed of one delegate from each of the affiliated National Societies. The delegates are nominated by the respective National Societies for a tenure of four years renewable once.
  • The General Assembly shall consist of all members attending the ESPRAS quadrennial congress and members of an affiliated National Society.

The five geographic regions of Europe as described by ESPRAS.

  • The number of candidates that can be elected from each of the five regions appears in brackets in the list below.
  • Voting for the ExCo is taking place inside each region and countries with more than 500 members in their National Societies have two votes.
North (1) West (3) South-West (2) Central and East (2) South-East (2) 
Iceland1Luxemburg1Spain2Czech Republic1Azerbaijan1
Sweden1Switzerland1  Georgia1Bosnia-Herz.1
  United Kingdom2  Hungary1Croatia1
      Slovakia Moldavia1