Kallirroi Tzafetta

Miss Kallirroi Tzafetta is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon at St Andrew’s Centre of Plastic Surgery and Burns in Broomfield Hospital, Essex. She specializes in reconstructions following Head and Neck Surgery and Facial Palsy. She has been trained in Plastic Surgery Centres in Yorkshire, and was a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Leeds prior to her current position. She has furthered her microsurgical training and sub-specialized in Facial Palsy reanimation as a Microsurgical Fellow in Norfork, Virginia, USA under Dr Terzis. She is a Core Member of the Essex Head and Neck MDT, Board member of the facial palsy UK, and member of the Bell’s Palsy Society. She has been an author on scientific papers and textbook chapters (such as: Facial Reanimation at Plastic Surgery, Indications and Practice by B Guyuron, et al) and has been invited speaker on several national and international meetings.